Reinvigorating Experience

After a fall, surgery or other incident—planned or not—you want to get back to your life! Our experienced physical rehabilitation experts will get you back home and back to your regular activities in no time. We prepare an individualized care plan for you, created in partnership with your physician, and offer amenities that will make your stay more comfortable—WiFi, flat screen televisions and restaurant-style dining. You’ll be encouraged to perform the kinds of activities you enjoy at home—such as cooking, gardening, pet care and Wii games—so your therapy will be more fun.

We specialize in rehabilitation related to:

  • Joint replacements
  • Post-fracture, post-spinal surgery and other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Stroke recovery and other neurological conditions
  • General strengthening after hospitalization
  • Conditions that require physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy

Ask about our Prehab Services to get you ready for your stay so you can get home even sooner!

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